Crypto Russia-!!! SCAM !!!

Crypto Russia-!!! SCAM !!!

Crypto Russia entered the cryptocurrency market for fraud and illicit enrichment. His fraudulent schemes cunningly bypass the letter of the law due to a lack of evidence from clients. It is logical – a person gives money himself, and the broker, allegedly, warned him about the risks. These swindlers practice very sophisticated methods of manipulation. Obsessive managers are well aware of their work, so naive newcomers have no chance.

The network already has information that the project has been repeatedly closed. New clone sites appear, which speaks about the serious mood of these thieves.

On the site they write high-profile slogans and promise customers to provide important information for trading. But in essence, this is “news sucked from the finger.” You will never find really valuable information here.

Many sites collect complaints about this SCAM broker. In fact, they are doing a very good thing, because many do not even know about the danger.
Even news portals warn beginners. Complaints and very negative reviews are systematically received. Do not mess with these scams – you will surely merge the entire deposit in a couple of days.

Specialized sites do not recommend even thinking about entering the crypto market led by this broker. They convince that you will definitely have problems with the withdrawal of funds in the very near future.
It’s better not to mess with the next FRAUD, so as not to lose your own funds. Non-payment of money in this company is not a random and insulting situation, it is a regularity.

Crypto russia will stop at nothing. Perhaps in the future they will bear new names and use more sophisticated schemes of deception. But you should understand right now that working with such black brokers is very dangerous. Be extremely careful and attentive.

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