Corsa Capital -!!! SCAM !!!

Corsa Capital is a well-known con man in trading circles. He gets a lot of money by tricking naive newcomers. There are a lot of negative reviews and horrific stories on the net.

From the responses of clients it is clear that some are going to file an application with the police. Unfortunately, practice shows that such initiatives do not improve with success. Thieves use SCAM methods and merge the deposit in the first days of cooperation.

Many write that the trading platform works with constant failures. As you can see, making a bet is simply impossible – all positions are broken. However, fraudulent schemes here use the most diverse. From primitive to especially advanced and sophisticated.

Experienced investors simply do not recommend even thinking about cooperation with these scams. They say that $ 1,000 can be drained in just a couple of days.

The official site is replete with enticing offers and advertising slogans. Such a presentation of information inspires confidence for many newcomers. But disappointment is not long in coming. You will be quickly convinced that the time has come to switch from a demo account to a real one.
The official website states that traders are given direct access to the market – but this is not so. This is a hoax, because here they are only engaged in imitation of trade. You can be the most advanced trader, but you will not be able to earn money here.

On specialized sites you can also find information about this thief. Even by common signs, one can understand that people are bred here. The result is always the same – the client is ignored and his account is blocked forever.
Many initially face a problem with the withdrawal of funds. If you notice this feature, know that these are the first calls. Many forex scams work on such schemes, but Corsa Capital impresses with arrogance and a special desire for easy money.

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