Henyep Capital Markets HYCM – !!! SCAM !!!

Henyep Capital Markets HYCM is the most common scammer who leaks a deposit and blocks a client’s account. Its main victims are inexperienced traders who seek quick enrichment. It is possible that they are stealing credit card data. Negative reviews indicate such a probability.

If you are cooperating with these FRAUDERS, then hurry to withdraw all funds. You may be able to avoid breakdown. But, most likely, your account has already been leaked. If you have lost access to your account, then it’s time to sound the alarm. In any case, swindlers will achieve their goal. Cheating customers is only a matter of time for them.

The network has information that one client of Henyep Capital Markets HYCM lost more than 2 million rubles. It seems like these guys are working hard. They are aimed at large scams, so they always come up with new methods of deception.

There are stories that testify to the proceedings at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Everything indicates that as a result, these thieves remained unpunished as a result. They opened a new site and continued their illegal activities.

The network has already accumulated a large number of complaints. Many cheated investors want their money back. Unfortunately this is not possible. For some novice traders, Henyep Capital Markets HYCM has become the first and last broker. They will never again try their hand at the Forex market. Do not repeat their mistakes and be vigilant.

We want to improve the situation and reduce the number of frauds. Perhaps this activity will help some people face the truth. Do not believe what is written on the official website of Henyep Capital Markets HYCM – this is all an outright lie. Better look at the reviews and draw the appropriate conclusions. So you can protect yourself from mistakes and financial losses.

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