Interactive Brokers – !!! SCAM !!!


Interactive Brokers is a black broker who brazenly deceives its customers and does everything to put as much money into their account as possible. Initially, the dealing center seeks to inspire confidence in a potential victim. Imitation of trade misleads the trader, allowing you to believe in the high benefits of working with a broker. But in reality, this is just part of a fraudulent scheme.

After receiving the first profit, you begin to believe in the project. Almost any person in this situation wakes up excitement and a desire to earn even more money. But do not reassure yourself ahead of time. After the next replenishment of the account, your deposit can be completely drained.
Well-crafted fraudulent schemes bring tens of thousands of dollars daily to scammers from Interactive Brokers. They know that there will always be gullible people in the Forex market. This allows Interactive Brokers to continue illegal activities and commit new financial crimes. We urge you to pay attention to this scammer and remember the name of the project. Do not contact this organization and be careful. Thieves from this company will stop at nothing.

Please note that these thieves are operating not only in Russia. They launched their fraudulent activities around the world. This is an international project whose goal is exclusively to divorce gullible people.

Rest assured that working with Interactive Brokers will only bring disappointment and loss. We know this for sure, as we have read a lot of negative reviews and complaints. These scammers steal personal account information and even get to the client’s credit account, so use scanned copies of your passport and other documents with extreme care.

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