UNIVER Capital reviews – !!! SCAM !!!

UNIVER Capital is a dealing center created to divorce forex traders and reset their trading accounts. To do this, scum from UNIVER Capital use both the classic and the most sophisticated fraudulent schemes.

Thanks to influential patrons, this company feels impunity and complete freedom of action. Fun from UNIVER Capital has not yet been punished for any financial crime.

Most of the clients of this company are sure that it is impossible to find a govt on these scammers They may commit any illegal actions against their clients.

This dealing center is also known for its paid reviews. Fun from UNIVER Capital have already spent a lot of money to improve their reputation. Paid complementary reviews mislead inexperienced traders who believe in empty promises and give their money to real thieves.

This dubious project is deceiving users through a trust management service. The gullible forex trader gives his money to “experienced analysts” who for several weeks drain the deposit and require re-replenishment of the account. This scheme of cheating the client is repeated until he realizes that he has fallen into a scam. But, most likely, it will be too late. Most thrown clients UNIVER Capital become bankrupt and debtors.

UNIVER Capital is a vivid example of a kitchen broker. The fact that this company will not pay the money and assign a profit to the traders themselves can be understood after studying the client agreement. It clearly states that this broker does not bear any responsibility to traders, and therefore may dispose of their money at its discretion. Most often this ends with the enrichment of the broker and the bankruptcy of the trader.

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