BMG Invest reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

BMG Invest is a dealing center that is known for its numerous fraudulent schemes aimed at zeroing customer accounts. Plums of traders’ deposits are carried out due to manipulations with the terminal, long execution of orders, imitation of trade and other illegal actions.

In their negative reviews, clients of BMG Invest constantly focus on problems with the withdrawal of funds. Forex traders can not take away their deposits, nor the resulting profit. The scammers from BMG Invest explain the non-payment of money by problems with user verification. In turn, traders claim that these are simply far-fetched excuses aimed at concealing financial crimes and SCAM activities.

Customers of this dubious project also complain about the poor performance of the support service. Traders claim that at best, tech support is responding after a few hours. In the worst case, scammers from BMG Invest can ignore customer requests altogether. Moreover, there are hundreds of cases when representatives of technical support were rude and rude to traders who were dissatisfied with the quality of service.

BMG Invest is a vivid example of a kitchen broker for which there are no rules and principles. Scum and thieves from this company are ready to take away the latest money from customers. They will stop at nothing until they reset the trader’s account. Given these features of BMG Invest, traders should avoid any services of this dubious organization. Otherwise they risk becoming bankrupt and debtors. It is necessary to know that not a single client of BMG Invest has become a successful trader with a profit measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

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