ATON reviews – SCAM !!!

ATON is one of the most well-known brokerage companies, famous for its numerous fraudulent schemes. This broker-thief was not once seen in financial crimes, but still has not been punished. There was not a single case in Russia when the courts obliged the ATON fraudsters to return the money to the clients of this company. Therefore, traders who are still working with these scammers, we can recommend as soon as possible to take the money and not wait until your account is blocked.

Throwing customers of this company, who were bred on huge grandmothers, it remains only to write negative reviews and letters with complaints to the email address of this scam. But such actions do not lead to any results. This dealing center continues to deceive users and commit unlawful acts with impunity.

Problems with withdrawing funds are not the only difficulties that customers of this dubious office are experiencing. Customer divorce begins at the registration stage and continues until the trader drains the deposit.

The bastards from this company are focused both on petty theft, and on complex fraudulent schemes that have no analogues in the Forex market. In any case, the result of cooperation with this dubious project is the same for all clients – the discharge of a deposit, bankruptcy and debts.

The broker ATON in cold blood violates the generally accepted norms of both Russian and international legislation. Thanks to their “offshore” registration, scammers from ATON are not afraid of punishment for SCAM. All the machinations of this office are safely hidden in the offshore zone.

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