Boss Capital reviews – scammers !!! SCAM !!!

Boss Capital is a brokerage company that is known for its fraudulent schemes and financial crimes against the interests of its own clients. Numerous negative reviews about Boss Capital indicate that this company regularly deceives its customers and dilutes them with a lot of money.

A huge number of illegal actions of this broker due to the fact that its activities are not regulated by Russian law. This company has neither Russian nor international licenses. Therefore, forex traders have to rely on the “honest word” of this broker. But, as a rule, all the promises of fraudsters and scammers from Boss Capital – this is a hoax and another attempt to dissolve the client.

Deceived customers of this company regularly complain about the poor performance of the trading terminal and the constant manipulation by the broker. But the scum of Boss Capital do not stop at this.

If the trader is lucky not to drain the deposit, he still will not be able to withdraw his money, as in Boss Capital there are regular problems with the withdrawal of funds. Thieves representing this broker are usually attributed to non-payment of money problems with verification or technical work. But according to traders, these problems can last for months, and sometimes for years.

Boss Capital is a broker with all the attributes of a kitchen. Representatives of this dubious project are deceiving users by simulating trade, quoting frauds and other SCAM schemes typical of kitchen brokers.

Boss Capital is a project that exists solely for the divorce of traders with the help of small but effective frauds, for which no one will be held responsible.

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