Boston Merchant Financial reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

Boston Merchant Financial is a dealing center with SCAM and customer divorce for big money. This company has earned a reputation as an unprincipled kitchen broker, which exists only to drain customer deposits.

In the negative reviews about this broker, experienced traders point out that this company is only hiding behind the name of a famous American financial institution. If you dig deeper and study the “Feedback” section, you can see that this “solid project” uses ICQ and email, registered on

Forex traders who had to cooperate with this broker also complain about the long closure of orders and the slow operation of the trading platform. But the main problem of this company is the non-payment of money, which laid traders.

Scammers and scammers from Boston Merchant Financial explain the lack of money problems with user verification. But they categorically deny the existence of such problems and declare that the broker simply does not want to give customers profit, using various fraudulent schemes to justify themselves.

In general, numerous illegal actions and financial crimes are a key feature of Boston Merchant Financial. Being aware of their impunity, the scum from this company constantly deceive users and do everything possible so that nothing remains on their trading account.

Numerous fraud facts suggest that Boston Merchant Financial is a kitchen that shouldn’t be trusted with your money. Such cooperation will not bring profit, but only losses and problems. Therefore, Boston Merchant Financial should be in the “black list” of all Russian traders.

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